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Bernard Cornish, ASDA customer

“Just tried some of your Albion strawberries from ASDA, they were fantastic, maybe not to everyone's taste but for me they are the best I have had in a long long time, just had to let you know, so easy thanks to the internet and email. Call me old fashioned but great to see English suppliers coming up with quality products.”

July 2010

Artur Grochala, Fruit Technical Manager, ASDA Produce Technical Team

 “Very good news: Asda strawberries achieved 1st place in the independent panel organized by Customer Research Technology Ltd (Coventry). JS was 2nd, Morrison's 3rd and Tesco 4th - copy of the report attached. Worth to mention that our strawberries came from Vicarage Nurseries                 - Well Done!”

June 2010

Andy Jackson, Buisness Unit Manager For Fruit, International Produce Limited/ASDA

"I was happy to help Vicarage Nurseries take over the former site of Well Pick European Ltd, which used to supply IPL/ASDA. Since then, the owners and staff have listened and worked hard on farming standards, and the nursery is now one of our best-quality growers. It is a good example of a grower and retailer working in partnership." 

In Horticulture Week - 9 March 2012

Jim Jefcoate, Technical Director, International Produce Limited/ASDA

“The speed with which you have got your operation up and running, particularly in light of the external distractions that you currently have is certainly very impressive. Also the low level of problems that have been picked up at pack house is testament to how effectively that you have managed it.”

July 2010


Our Philosophy

  • Developing outstanding relationships based on trust, the finest quality produce and on-time and on budget delivery
  • Investing into our staff and developing the talents of our management team, all of whom have been selected from our seasonal workers. Giving our 400 plus seasonal staff a caring, rewarding and enjoyable experience with us        
  • Re-investing back into the social fabrics of our local community, supporting local talent and helping local causes


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