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Farm work is normally paid on a piecework basis. This means that you get paid for the quantity of fruit that you pick. The advantage of this is that the workers can make more than the national minimum wage, depending on how hard you work.

“The more fruit you pick, the more money you earn”

You will be subject to paying National Insurance and Tax on any money which you earn (just like any other individual working in the UK). This will be deducted via the PAYE system (pay as you earn), which we use to deduct the relevant amounts from your weekly pay. We pay on a weekly basis direct into individual’s bank accounts. You will be required to open a UK bank account as soon as you arrive into the UK so you can be paid promptly every week.
As we bank with LLOYDS, we recommend that you open an account with them, as this will ensure that you get paid in the most efficient way every week. They will provide you with a bankcard, which you can use, alongside with your pin number to withdraw money from any cash machine.


Our Philosophy

  • Developing outstanding relationships based on trust, the finest quality produce and on-time and on budget delivery
  • Investing into our staff and developing the talents of our management team, all of whom have been selected from our seasonal workers. Giving our 400 plus seasonal staff a caring, rewarding and enjoyable experience with us        
  • Re-investing back into the social fabrics of our local community, supporting local talent and helping local causes


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