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We are keen to discover more natural ways of enabling sustainable soft fruit production on our farms. All our strawberry production fields are covered with polytunnels in order to provide them with the ideal growing environment and to protect the crop from the rain damage. This enables us to reduce the amount of pesticides. Polytunnels have also helped with encouraging the widespread use of natural enemies for pest control. We work hard to integrate our production system, incorporating all of the methods available to us to grow plant and produce strawberry fruit which is sweet and of the best quality available. We use minimum pesticide through the blending of cultural, biological control and polytunnels technology. This will ensure that the land and the biodiversity upon it stays in good heart and is in a better condition of the next generation. The maintaining of hedges, planting trees creates an environment which is better to work in and live next to, habitats for a broad range of beneficial species and a farm structure that allows wildlife to move around with some protection and security. In the waste management, we work with the policy "Reduce it, Reuse it and Recycle it". We have the pack house from the main site within 3 mile range, which help us to reduce carbon footprints.


Our Philosophy

  • Developing outstanding relationships based on trust, the finest quality produce and on-time and on budget delivery
  • Investing into our staff and developing the talents of our management team, all of whom have been selected from our seasonal workers. Giving our 400 plus seasonal staff a caring, rewarding and enjoyable experience with us        
  • Re-investing back into the social fabrics of our local community, supporting local talent and helping local causes


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